What to Bring on Your Charter


Customers should bring a few things. It's important to have all the things you'll need for your entire fishing trip. We've made a list so it's easy for you to know.


Sunscreen is the most important thing you will need on your charter with us. Being in Key West, FL, we like our customers to be protected against our harsh summer sun. It can be pretty brutal some days. We recommend SPF 50 or higher, at minimum. We recommend you reapply regularly throughout the trip. Sunscreen spray can work but we've found the actual lotion is best.

Seasickness Medication

Dramamine and Bonine are common brands of seasickness medicine that can work if you take them correctly. It's recommend that you take it the day before your charter as well as the day of. The patches work wonders but can be tricky to find. Wrist bands, as well as magnets, do not work that well but use what you like. We also recommend ginger in any form. Ginger ale, candied ginger, and ginger snap cookies can help a lot. Having a piece of ginger root works best. 

Proper Attire

A lot of our customers choose to wear bathing suits to get some sun. Though we understand, it's important to at least bring a long sleeve shirt and maybe some long pants. Hats and sunglasses are also a must have. 

Food and Drinks

Our charter service makes sure there's plenty of water and ice for your trip. If other beverages are desired, those need to be brought with you. We have plenty of cooler space to hold whatever you may bring on your charter to eat or drink. We recommend anyone going on a 6 or 8-hour trip bring a sandwich or something quick and easy. Wondering where to get any of that? We can offer assistance, just call and we can recommend places that will arrange a lunch if you would like. 

A Great Attitude and Excitement for an Excellent Day

Our Captain and Mates are excited to catch fish, have a great time, and make this one of the most unforgettable experiences we can provide. This works well when you are willing to relax and have a great time. Enjoy your trip! That is the most important part for us.